This template supports a wide variety of module positions and variations. Almost any column and module layout can be achieved with the YOOtheme module system. Read the following descriptions carefully to learn all about the possibilities this template has to offer.

Module Variations

Many modules variations are included in this template. They come with different colors and styles. To enable a specific module variation for a module you have to set the specific module class suffix in the module parameters.

All different module stylings can be seen at the Module Variations Page.

Module Positions

The YOOtheme module system offers nearly unlimited combinations of module positions. For example you can have a 1-Column, 2-Column or 3 Column layout. It is also possible to have a nested right column instead of a right column which has an equal height as the left column.

In most module positions you can publish as many modules as possible for you current layout. You are surely familiar with this for the vertical module positions like left and right. But with the YOOtheme module system we introduce some new module positions which supports publishing as many modules as possible in one horizontal row. Also the height of all published modules in one vertical row is adjust to match each other.

All module positions are fully collapsible. If there is no module published in a certain position, this module position will contract and disappear.


Module Positions

More Details

More Details

Module Proportions

One outstanding feature of the YOOtheme module system is the possibility to chose between different module proportions for each module position. By default YOOtheme offers two module proportions: equal and golden ratio. For all module positions with the suffix „-equal” in the upper figure exists an equivalent module position with the suffix „-goldenratio”. The proportions of the modules depend on the position in which they are published („-equal” or „-goldenratio”).

Example: You can publish 2 modules in top-equal. The width of each module will be 50%. If you publish the 2 modules in top-goldenratio the width of the first module will be 62% and of the second module 38%.

Of course you can publish the modules for each page in different positions. For example this feature allows you to publish one big module and a second smaller one (golden ratio) on the frontpage. For all other sites you can use equal module widths.

Important: For each page and each module position you have to chose if you are going to publish in the „equal” or „golden ratio” position. It is not possible to publish a module in the „equal” position and at the same time another module in the „golden ratio” position on the same page and for the same position. If this happens the „equal” proportion has priority and will be displayed. All modules published in the „golden ratio” position will not be displayed.

The following figures show the different proportions depending on the numbers of published modules.


Equal Proportions

Golden Ratio

Golden Ratio Proportions

If you want add your own custom proportion or learn more technical details take a look at this tutorial: How to add custom proportions for module positions?

Left Column Layout

This template supports two different layout options. The „left” module position can be aligned to the left or the right. To chose between these two possible options goto the Joomla backend, open the template parameters and set the parameter „Layout Style” to „left” or „right”.

Left aligned

Left aligned layout

Right aligned

Right aligned layout


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